A Breakfast Your Kids Will Actually Eat

Why bother with breakfast? Not only does it refuel us after a fasting period while sleeping, it’s brain power-- especially for kids. Exposing them to breakfast foods that are whole grain, fiber, and protein rich has been associated with a boost in attention span, concentration, and overall academic performance. A kid approved breakfast that has worked in schools? Fruit + yogurt parfaits! Ingredients are quick and simple, using whole grain granola or oats, yogurt, with frozen,

Nutrition for Productivity: Feeding your Brain

Monday mornings mean back to work. There is much talk on how nutrition fuels performance, but how about productivity? Your mind needs fuel just as much as your muscles and other organs do. Becoming mindful of feeding your brain can make a big difference in your efficiency during your work week. Basic tips include: 1️⃣ Making time for meals and snacks. Eating consistently throughout the day helps sustain the energy you need to get things done, and done well. Meals don’t need t