Healthy Eating Isn't Perfect Eating

Unpopular opinion: This is the time of year people love saying what society is doing wrong when it comes to nutrition and health; and it can do more harm than good. Denouncing or dismissing the detoxes and diets may not always come off how it’s intended— which is that they aren’t the safe or effective ways to optimize your health. But not everyone has been exposed to the same nature of education regarding nutrition or health habits.

Navigating such a sensitive topic requires support, guidance, filling in misinformed gaps and promoting the safe and effective strategies to make people feel their unique best regarding their nutrition habits. Most importantly, backed by evidence and science. As an RD, my goal is to be in your corner, your ally, and someone you can tell your sensitive health info to. Tried a diet in your life? So have I. Gained weight before? Me too. Have you ever felt self conscious about your habits? We all have— we’re all human. I’m not here to sugar coat anything, while also letting you know that healthy eating isn’t perfect eating. Healthy eating is flexible, realistic and unique to you and your life. Aka, there is not one standard definition and it’s different for everyone. Don’t let an all or nothing mentality, or confusion from information overload discourage you from evolving into your best self.

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