A Breakfast Your Kids Will Actually Eat

Why bother with breakfast? Not only does it refuel us after a fasting period while sleeping, it’s brain power-- especially for kids. Exposing them to breakfast foods that are whole grain, fiber, and protein rich has been associated with a boost in attention span, concentration, and overall academic performance. 

A kid approved breakfast that has worked in schools? Fruit + yogurt parfaits!

Ingredients are quick and simple, using whole grain granola or oats, yogurt, with frozen, fresh, or dried fruit.

Tips to putting together enjoyable parfaits at home and include your kids include:

  • Reduce added sugar and increase protein by using plain Greek yogurt. The addition of fruit, granola, and other toppings like cinnamon or maple syrup go a long way with adding in the sweetness your kids crave. It also helps their palates become more sensitive to the hyper sweetness of foods being marketed to them.

  • Save money and reduce food waste by purchasing yogurt in its large container and portioning it out between your parfaits. The individually wrapped yogurts can add up! They can also get bumped to the back of the fridge and forgotten about after they go bad. Looking for super market brand yogurt, such as Trader Joe's, can also save you bucks compared to the brand names like Chobani or Siggi's.

  • Fit your unique needs and preferences – pick and vary your granola choices, oatmeal, fruits, and nuts as toppings. The variations are endless, and when kids get a first hand at putting together a meal, they are much more likely to eat and enjoy it. fter

How to make it happen? Make it a priority to stock your fridge and pantry with breakfast foods. For the days you don’t have time in the morning, try prepping the night before or having grab and go options on hand for these days. Most importantly, set an example—  make efforts to work breakfast into your own life. Your actions have a big impact on teaching the important of refueling your brain and body with a healthy morning meal.

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