How Much Coffee Should You Drink?

TGIF & thank god for coffee. It’s the extra energy boost you need with its mocha flav. It’s also been linked to longevity due to antioxidants in coffee beans. But how much is too much? ☕️

✨Meta-analyses that examined health outcomes based on categories of caffeine intake found that 3 cups per day was associated with greatest health benefits related to cardiovascular diseases. Remember that a cup is 8 ounces, (so that XL cup from dunkins is really 3-4 cups at once). No additional benefits were seen in those who drank over 4 cups per day.

✨This is pretty good news for coffee lovers but it’s important to consider what you are adding to your coffee and the impact of those on your health. Also remember that everyone reacts to caffeine differently, and it is still a drug that is addicting, can disrupt your sleep, and impact your nervous system if consumed in too much excess. 😴

✨So what’s the bottom line? Enjoy a few cups per day but also pay attention to the other areas of your life that could be impacting your need for coffee, such as sleep, stress, diet, exercise, or smoking. Everything is connected!

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