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Balanced Eating Bundle

Balanced Eating Bundle

The balanced eating bundle is here to help support making changes for the new year! Whether you are not sure where to start, in need of meal ideas, or looking for tips on meal planning, this bundle can help.


What's Included:

  • Tips for Sustainable Meal Planning
  • Sample Weekly Meal Guide
    1. Options for breakfast, lunch and dinner
    2. How to build a balanced snack
    3. General balanced eating tips
  • Simple Recipes


This bundle is a digital product and will be delivered to your email address in PDF format upon purchase. It is not intended for reproduction or distribution.


    This bundle is intended to provide examples of balanced meals, but is not intended to be presriptive. Individual needs vary based on a variety of factors. Individual preferences and avoidances also vary. This bundle is based off an omnivore diet (eats animal proteins) and would require substitutions to fit the needs of vegetarians/vegans or those with other dietary restrictions.

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